Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shakespeare's Sister

It's Saturday!! Wow, I have packed a whole lot of fun into one week's time. Two concerts, out of town friends, lots of dancin' and romancin' with the sounds of The Grateful Dead. I am happy to have a free weekend of nothing. Well, we are going to dinner at my friend, L's house, as a farewell dinner for our friend, BC, as he heads back home.

Since it is Saturday, it's time to check in on what I am reading, watching, and listening to.

As you all know, this is my Bret Easton Ellis summer, aka, My BEE summer. So, I am now re-visiting his second book, The Rules Of Attraction. I remember reading and sharing the only copy we had of this book with 3 other roomies, at the time. We would sit up into the dark hours just discussing it.

Since I am reading this book, it has thrown me, once again, into an 80s frenzy of music. The Smiths were a backdrop soundtrack to quite a few of our summers in the 80s. The band with the sounds of angst. Afterall, we all went through our brooding college student phases. The Smiths provided the perfect sound for that phase in our lives. I still have my first Smiths album. Listen to some of their's haunting.

I am currently addicted to this cooking show on The Cooking Channel. The new foodie upstart from The Food Network. I had grown so tired of my once favorite Food Network and The Cooking Channel has rekindled my love of cooking shows. Real cooking shows. Even cooking shows from the past. This show cracks me up. I record it everyday and then watch as I am preparing dinner. It is a total look back into the late 60s and is definitely over the top with both the host and his food but I LOVE it. I love the fashions of the time and the whole sexy vibe he throws off with his cooking. Graham Kerr...check him out.

I leave you with a song by, The Smiths....enjoy your Saturday and go out and find something to read, watch and listen to!

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