Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Am Woman

I have decided that at no other time in my life have I been more excited to be a woman. I know this sounds weird because I have been a woman for all of my life. I have loved every minute of every single day of being a girl and a woman. But, for some reason, I have hit a time in my life when I actually just beam with pride at being a woman and at the women surrounding me.

In my ever changing moods, I feel stronger and more confident, now, than in any other time of my life. And, I am surrounded by so many strong and fearless women that it only fuels me to want to continue to move full steam ahead.

In my world of women, I have come to respect, so many. One group that I am very impressed with is a group that I joined after I started to blog. They are a group called, SITS, and we are women bloggers helping women bloggers. I have never witnessed such a large group of women all in support of helping women. All for the same write really great blogs. Yesterday, one of the daily topics was about things that make a great blog. The majority answered, writing a blog that is in your own voice, true to your own thoughts and writing for yourself. Write about your passion or write about your life. Well, if you have been following me, you know that my rambling thoughts and searching for my new chapter in life is my passion. I smiled that I have covered those bases.

You also know that I am embarking on a presidency position for my women's group. I have been busy, this week, meeting with the committee chairs of each committee. I am getting to know these women on a whole new level. I love how we are connecting senior members of the group with deep roots in the past and newer members who have new visions and everyone is on board with the new journey. There has been nothing but an embracing of new and different and what I hope are successful paths.

As a group of women, we reach out and help women in our community. I have put a community service project in motion with another organization based on helping women and the response was so excited and overjoyed that we were reaching out to them.

I belong to a private message board of women. These women are another example of women coming together in support, friendship and love. It is amazing to see such interaction, on a daily basis, and have that interaction be filled with love, support, kindness and encouragement.

In my community, in this very uncertain economy, we have so many new businesses opening in the small downtown area. All backed by women! Not to mention the already established businesses that are backed by women.

It gives me chills and such pride to know that women, as a whole, are all out there, in all kinds of different aspects, helping women succeed. And, with all of this support, it is making it easier for me to find the courage to start down my own path of carving out my next step in life. I am not exactly sure which road I will follow but so far, word of mouth and support are driving me forward.

So, in a sense, this truly has seemed like the year of the woman. I do believe that we can do anything that we want. And, it makes it so much easier to work in circles that support you...I know that not all groups of women work well, together, but in my circles, I can proudly say that women are making their mark!

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