Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Will Remember You

When I last left you, I was headed to see the FURTHUR show!! Look how long it has taken me to recover?? Gone are the days of going to a concert and bouncing back in a matter of hours. That doesn't stop me from joining in the fun, though. And, it wasn't just the concert but then we went straight into the holiday weekend, J and I took one of his cars to a car show on the 4th and now that the cheerleader has settled into summer life, Hotel California has been going strong with no vacancies and around the clock room service.

In my ever changing moods, it seems like right when I think things are not going to be as busy and crazy as summers past, they get crazier. It's all good, it just doesn't give me a lot of down time to get my head and inner thoughts, together. But, then, maybe that's a good thing. My inner thoughts tend to ramble.

The concert was awesome and we shared it with some great friends! B is one of our oldest friends. It is always great when we all have time to get together. Usually, he and his wife, Je, are here for one of our winter holiday parties. It is always so crazy and the house is always filled with people and music and I am flying around being the hostess with the mostess that it's hard to just sit and chat. So, it was nice when they were able to arrive at our house, early, on Friday, to get settled in and sit and chat over coffee and vino. I spent the time catching up with Je and tales of their kids and their life. They started even later than J and I started with having a family so they are in the younger stages with their kids. It was nice to be the mom who has already gone through those years and I hope that I give good advice and am convincing when I tell them that this too shall pass. Once we were all on the way to the concert, it was a great time to just kick back and laugh about old times.

Friends from your youth are the best kind of friends to keep. They have known you through some of your best and worst times and still love you. Bonds are shared that are not shared with new friends. We can laugh at so many fun times that we all have had and we can remember all of the same people, places and parties.

B and Je spent the night and we were able to chat, again, over coffee and fruit, before they had to hit the road. When old friends leave, again, there is always a tiny sense of sadness that they are not always around. Then, a sense of gladness takes place and you are happy for the time spent together.

This week finds us ready to tackle another concert. This is Dark Star Orchestra and they are a Grateful Dead cover band. We see them a couple of times a year. For this concert, we have another dear friend in town from our youth. It will be fun to hang with Willie (nickname) and dance to the music. We will join yet another friend from our youth, A, who now is seeing my dear friend, L....it's like Old Friends Week!! I love it!!

Growing up with J and all of these guys was always entertaining, back in the day. Who knew that we would all grow up and stay so close? Even with the distance that seperates many of us, we all know that we can revisit and feel like we are home, again, in their company. They all helped to shape my youth, make me remember the good times and put a smile on my face and in my heart.

Old friends truly never leave you...

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