Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Girl

I cannot believe it is the weekend, already!! I had to skip a few days of blogging, this past week and I missed not being able to share the ramblings of my ever changing moods. It was a crazy week and I was not finding myself with much alone time for blogging. Anyway, it's Saturday and it's the weekend and a great time to kick back with a movie and just relax.

The movie I am suggesting is a great coming of age friend flick. I am big on coming of age friend flicks. I guess they remind me of my friends over the years and how each friend holds a special place in my heart for different reasons. I had dinner with two friends, last night, and it was great fun to laugh and catch up on their lives. I am going to another friend's house for dinner, tonight. Lots of laughs are sure to take place along with her amazing cooking skills and a bit of the vino. I am lucky to have so many old and new friends in my life. I love you all!!

When I am sitting around and shooting the breeze with all of my pals, a sense of happiness creeps up and just seeing their faces makes me smile. They are all beautiful girls, to me, inside and out. I hope they all know how beautiful they really are.

So, enjoy the song and if you have the time, check out the movie...and treasure your friendships!!

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Twinky said...

sounds like fun times with the gal pals!!!! enjoy!!!