Thursday, April 29, 2010

Givin' It Up For Your Love

Hey, didn't I just post that I would miss you and we would meet, again, on Monday? Yes, yes I did. I am, back for more. Yes, I did miss you and couldn't stay away but also, after yesterday's blog post, I got tons of private messages asking me to keep up my daily blogging, don't worry about stressing over prom and hey, while you are blogging, please blog about your birthday!!! So, I heard you all, loud and clear. And, I love you for it!! I love your kind comments and your great encouragement and I am flattered that you wouldn't let me take a leave. Basically, you all do a heart good!!

So, I am back with my birthday rundown complete with pics. And, I wanted to share with you since you did let me ramble for the entire month of April about my birthday. Oh look, two days left in the month and I am still talking about it.

My original plan was to spend my day cruising around in my convertible, Elle Woods. Mother Nature had other plans since I woke up to frost on the ground and a high of only the mid 50s. That is TOO cold even for the most die-hard of convertible driving fanatics. So, I did what any birthday girl would do and that was to go and do a little retail therapy, grab a coffee from her fav coffee house, vow to do nothing of the mundane and bask in the many phone calls, texts, emails, facebook birthday wishes and online board wishes that came my way. I started reading a book, took a nap in the sun and then went to my Mr. Man's parent's house for a lovely evening of wine, appetizers, dinner and cake and drum!

My mother called, earlier in the day, with her yearly birthday song that she belts into the phone. She is always gone in the month of April so I get her shrill, loud voice singing...Happy Birthday. I expect it, every year, and she calls at the same time, each year, on my birthday. It does make me smile. So, that always kicks off the day.

Something that you don't know about me is that I get to share this day. I share it with my brother. Yes, we were born on the exact same day, two years apart. Just between us, I was not elated when they told me I had a baby brother. First, it totally wrecked my two year old tea party. Second, I did not like having the birthday limelight taken or even shared. As the years would unfold, and there is evidence in pictures, I demanded always to have the bigger birthday cake. pictures, I had a huge cake. Beside, a little mini cake for him. One year my mother made the mistake of combining our big birthday party. There were so many kids there but us six year olds were ready to show the four year olds who was boss. It ended in tears...his tears. But, we are now over that and I guess I will keep him as a brother.

So, this year was a lovely, lazy day and my mother in law had my favorite shrimp cocktail from my fav place to get shrimp cocktail. It is THE best. EVER. So, we had wine, shrimp cocktail, brie cheese and bleu cheese stuffed olives for appetizers. She made an amazing meatless stuffed ziti with marinara sauce and fresh good!!!! A really great salad and a new recipe she used for a stuffed garlic bread pastry. Cake and coffee for dessert. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day spent with my favorite people...My inlaws, Mr. Man and the cheerleader...they make me feel loved, always, and not just on my birthday.

Thank you so much for taking the birthday journey with me, this month. And, thank you for not letting me escape to tend to I have included pics of the fantastic gifts I received for your viewing pleasure. I love you all and thanks so much for being my fan base!!

My cake....those closest to me know that my fav place to be is near the ocean. And everyone knows my love of flipflops at all times. All this cake lacks is a tiny plastic cabana boy.

Books!! Okay, the cookbook and the Sex and The City pre-quel were gifts to myself. My mother-in-law got me the other one, Classy. It was suggested as a companion read to a fun Coco Chanel book I just read.

A wine purse!!! What a GREAT idea!!! This gift was sent to me by my high school bff!! She knows me soooo well. She even knew to match my fav wine glasses. And, inside the wine purse, there is a little corkscrew. So, you can take a bottle of wine, anywhere, and all people will see is your amazing purse. Great thinking!!

My friends who are a couple gave me this bottle of wine..oops, someone has been drinking They also gave me these perfect little black and white napkins that they got on vacay because they remined them of moi and my Chanel obsessions of black and white. Both gifts came packed into this very Coco inspired gift bag with little Parisian it!!! They endure me as I read about Coco and toss out her quotes. They even nicknamed me, Coco. Clearly, I may be on overload.

My mother-in-law knows that every self respecting cocktail hostess always has to have a mother load of whimsical cocktail napkins and fun bottle openers.

Every fashionista needs to get her trend on and what better way to do it? It's fun fashion, you don't care if it goes out of style or if you only wear it a couple of times. We all know not to pay too much for the overly trendy and to splurge on the classics. This store is definitely about the trend thrill.

What better way to enjoy candlelight while you are sipping an umbrella drink, in flipflops, by the water? My mother-in-law totally gets the picture.

Just one of the gifts from my mother. A pic of towel sets she got for my powder room. There are more towels but they all look the same. She knows me so well.

The blue box is always, always an AWESOME gift!!! The cheerleader started my Tiffany charm bracelet, last Christmas. She continued by adding the peace sign charm for my birthday. (Technically, since she can't fund this on her own, it's a joint collaboration between herself and Mr. Man)

What?? More bling??? My inlaws know me so well!!

Mr. Man knows of my love for all things, Rolling Stones. He knows my total love for, Some Girls, the Stones album that rocks my socks!! He found this framed gold record of Miss You and it is flanked by a picture of the early Stones and the older Stones and all of them have their sigs inside of the frame. He loves me so much.

So, this concludes birthday month, April 2010. The year that moi turned 46 and is loving life and loving all of you for loving me!!

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