Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes Your Man

Well, this week seems like we have finally, finally got a handle on that really great spring weather that makes you think spring is finally, here, and summer is close behind! It's been the kind of sunny weather that lets you drive with a sunroof open, a convertible top down or at least all of your windows down. It lets you wear flipflops and shorts and tshirts and pull out your summer bags. This kind of weather always finds me with a hair tie around my wrist as an extra accessory so I can quickly pull my hair back for any impromptu convertible drives. So, in my ever changing moods, when it's time for the hair tie around my wrist, it makes me so happy to hit the road.

Spring weather also makes me remember years and years of spring crushes. Remember the days? Spring would hit and preteen hormones hit and the fun of spring would begin. My friends and I would spend hours talking about our crushes of the season. Or, maybe some of us had boyfriends at the time spring would roll around and we would consider being free agents for spring and summer. All silly stuff. All fun girl stuff.

These days, I still get a spring crush on Mr. Man. I mean, I love him all the time but in the spring, he has been my crush for years and years and years. I still get that swooning crush feeling and then all over again, he becomes my man. My man of spring and summer. The crush of my dreams. He is not a lover of winter. I should say that when the end of October hits, he starts counting the days to the beginning of March. When the weather finally warms and blooms and the sun is out, he turns into the same free loving, happy spirit that I used to secretly drool over when we were young.

So, the weather is back, it's warm and sunny and my spring crush has begun. I have my man and the outlook looks bright!!

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