Thursday, April 1, 2010

With A Girl Like You

Today is April 1!!! It's a special, special day and not because it is the day of jokes and pranks. It is because April 1 kicks off the best month of the birthday month!! I love birthday month!! I don't even know when I decided to extend the merriment and celebrating to an entire month but I think it was back in high school. Maybe even younger. It's like I wake up on April 1 with a song in my heart and I think...What a GREAT month to be born!! A new arrival to greet the arrival of spring. All sunny and happy and giddy. That's what having an April birthday means to me!

In my ever changing moods, I should feel older. But in reality, I only feel better and stronger and happier and more powerful and less bogged down with the things that bog you down in your late 20s, 30s or even early 40s. This is just the beginning, is how I feel!! To me, it has been such a liberating feeling ever since I crossed my 40th birthday. This year will mark my 46th. I may just keep my actual age frozen in this year and just keep people guessing from here on out. Or, I could be like Coco Chanel and start telling people I am 100 and let them marvel at my upkeep. Either way, it's April, it's birthday month and I feel elated!!

I like to plan lunches and get togethers, all month. I like to make each day a tiny event. By the time my actual birthday rolls around, my family is ready to lock me out of the house after they toss my gifts out to me. I am sure that it can be a tad annoying to have someone humming and singing and dancing all month in the celebration of her life. Conceited? Not at all. Happy to be me? You bet!

So, to my fellow April birthday pals, let's ALL celebrate, together, each and every day. To all of my pals with birthdays in other months, what are you waiting for?? Start planning the month of celebrating!! Celebrate the wonder that is you!!

Today is perfect...warm, sunny, a light breeze and it's April 1. Birthday month kicks off to a great start and it just feels like everything is in line for an April Birthday Girl!!!

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