Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Attitude

Well, today is the day that has been building, all month!!!! It is the much talked about, much anticipated birthday of moi!!!! I have been enjoying every minute of this month and today is no different. As soon as I am done, here, I am headed out to pick up a book that came into the bookstore for me and I may do a little shoe shopping...this birthday girl LOVES her shoes!!!

In my ever changing moods, today is the day that I step the toe of my high heel pumps over the line. The line that seperates the first half of my 40s from the second half of my 40s. What do I say to this? Bring it on, baby, bring it on!!

I found the first part of my 40s to be so liberating and so full of finding myself and discovering what it meant to be a girl in her 40s. I am especially excited about discovering the second half of my 40s because it is going to be on a whole new playing ground. Soon, the cheerleader will be college bound and while that is a year away, she is very independent, now, and rarely home. I am redefining myself and my role as the hands on mom. I am needed, but in a new capacity. Mr. Man and I are still groovin' it and I am feeling at my best. Like anything is possible!!

So, to myself and all of my sister friends who are looking at the second side of 40, I think we need to kick it and kick it hard!! Go out and live, play, love and shop...we aren't our grandmothers' 40s...we've got a new attitude!!!

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy!