Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This past weekend was get away weekend for some of my online friends and me! I posted about it, last week, and was so excited to get away and roam around with my galpals. It was great fun filled with great laughs, great talks, great shopping, great food and great wine! Nothing says a girl weekend away like the combo of friends, food, wine and fun!

I think that it is always so refreshing and renewing to get away with galpals. I think it is essential for moms and wives. Once you hit the open road, you are your own person. No questions, no needs, no making dinner, no worries. You have left the everyday behind and are headed for a day or two of carefree abandon! It's good to recharge with great friends...it keeps you sane and it lets you peek into the side of you that still exists outside of being a wife, a mom, a caretaker of pets, the volunteer, the fundraiser planner, the woman who wears all of the hats. For just a day or so, you are...YOU...the fab and wonderful galpal.

Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love all of the hats that I wear but when I can slip away to visit with friends for a day or two, I get so excited!! I love the friendships that have been built over the years and since we have now all been meeting up for years, we know husbands, kids, lives, back stories, new stories, upsets, worries, happiness. Over the years, we have watched each of us go through different things and have all supported, cheered, cried and laughed. There were only a fraction of the larger group that usually meets and the missing friends were missed. We love our whole online community and one day, my greatest hope, is that we have a big get-away where all of my online pals meet at the same time!!!

In my ever changing moods,girlfriends are an important part of my life and roaming with them is essential, to me, at times. I hope that they all know how much I love them and how each of them holds a special place in my heart. The online friends that I have grown to love and to share my life with are the goodness and the light that everyone needs in life!!

Go out and plan a galpal day or a weekend or a week...roam with your friends, give them all a big hug, share a glass or two of wine and bask in the happiness!!

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