Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Is In The Air

Well, it is spring and the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising and all is blooming. Maybe even a little love is blooming in the ever changing moods household. But, shhhhhh, you didn't hear it from me.

I wrote, last week, about my youth and how my galpals and I would get so giddy with the spring weather and new love interests on the horizon. Well, even though times have changed and we live in a completely different world now, some things do remain the same. Like, if you closed your eyes and pretended that your teen was talking on the phone instead of texting on the phone, and accepting a date for Saturday night in this text, you could be transported back to the spring, circa 1978. When you see that teen tell you about this upcoming date with a big, goofy grin and a totally blushing face, you would SWEAR it was your youth, circa 1978. Spring, giddy girl crushes on boys, endless possibilities....the good stuff that never changes.

I know that the cheerleader would disown me to ever know I was writing about this silent glimpsing I did into her life, last night. But, since she thinks my blogging is lame and doesn't even know the name of it and since she and I are not Facebook friends and she is not a fan of my Facebook pages of my blog...I am SAFE!!

Anyway, sometimes, in my ever changing moods and my role as the mother, my job is to guide, instruct, love, discipline, and give the best advice in the world. (Ok, I am the only one who thinks it's the best advice. The cheerleader thinks it is lame advice) But, sometimes, your role as the mother finds you in a situation where you need to sit, compose yourself, try not to bust out laughing, blurt out a big comment or to show any emotion, one way or the other. If I have learned nothing else in my role as mother, it is this....NEVER SHOW YOUR TRUE EMOTION. Show the opposite of how you REALLY feel and that will sway the teen in what they think is the opposite of what you want them to do but what really happens is that their opposite is exactly where you want them. And they won't realize this happened until much later.

So, the past couple of weeks have been frought with prom dress shopping, prom shoes and jewels shopping, limo booking, dinner reservations, prom hair appointment booking, and many revised lists of who else will be in the limo along with her and her best pals. Like, um, Then, there is this long list of picking a date protocol. Gone are the days when I was of prom age and the guy actually asked a girl and voila, you were prom dates. It's so strategic, now, that you would think the girls were planning peace talks with a foreign country. So, yesterday, finally, finally, the prom date was secured. Ok, last step, out of the way.

The prom date was an issue because a month ago, the boyfriend from last year had resurfaced with a renewed interest in the cheerleader. He stated that it would be great if they went to prom, together. To preface this, the last year's boyfriend, or, LYBF, was a cool dude. I liked him, a lot, has a lot going on for him, comes from a good family, has really cool interests and is just a cool kid. Until he broke up with her via a text/semi-phone call. And, the cheerleader, like her mother, does not do well with those kinds of things. We have no room for that kind of behavior and we are not likely to give second chances to people who cross us. So, LYBF, has been a sore subject since that time. In a bit of fairness, the cheerleader is a tough cookie. She is a very focused and determined young woman. She will not coddle a male ego. She expects it to be her way or the highway. She is just not a dream date...she is more like a drill sargeant date. And, I like this kind of gumption. But, I think it got a bit overwhelming for LYBF. Plus, it was the middle of a highly dramatic cheer season and nothing was going to end well for the LYBF.

Anyway, when he resurfaced, and mentioned the prom, the cheerleader flat out said, she would not go to the prom with him if he considered it a date. He took his ego and moved on and asked someone else. The cheerleader got a different prom date, too. Last night, the cheerleader told me she has a dinner/movie date for Saturday night. With, LYBF....OH THE LAUGHTER that wanted to emerge from my body. I tried not to fall of my chair, I continued to bite my tongue and managed to say, Oh, that should be fun....(inside I was aching to laugh)

So, I can only chalk all of this young love/not love up to the fact that it is spring and love is in the air...

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